Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Ostrich chicks hatching

Ostrich Chicks take 42 days to incubate and 8-12 hours to hatch.  Watch this video to get insight into how this process takes place. Visit www.safariostrich.co.za for more info on our tour and lunch offerings

Welgeluk Feather Palace

The incedible Welgeluk Feather Palace was built in 1910 by the first owner of the farm, a certain Mr Olivier. Built from material from all over the world. This in itself is quite amazing considering when it was built.  The tiles on the roof from Belgium, woodwork from India, Stained glass windows from the Netherlands, fireplaces from England and Italian marble floor tiles.  This speaks to the opulence of the time and the value of ostrich feathers before the first world war.  Visit www.safariostrich.co.za for more information on our tours and offerings.