Thursday, 10 December 2015

Historical Ostrich Distribution throughout africa

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There were historically 4 main groups of  Ostrich (Struthio camelus) in Africa.

  • S. c. camelus,   the red-necked ostrich of  North Africa. Historically this was the most widespread subspecies, ranging from Ethiopia in the East,  Mauritania in the West, North to Egypt and Southern Maroccoa. It now only remains in 6 of the 18 countries where it originally occurred.

  •  S. c. australis It is found primarily in South Africa.  The town of Oudtshoorn is world renowned for farming with this particular species for its Leather, meat and feathers. 

  • S. c. massaicus, Masai ostrichEast Africa. This interesting bird has pink/red coloring on its neck and legs.  It is mostly found in southern Kenya and Eastern Tanzania, Ethiopia and Southern Somalia 

  • daggerS. c. syriacus, known as the Arabian Ostrich. Once commonly found in the Arabian Peninsula, Syria and Iraq. It became extinct around 1966.

  • S. molybdophanes, The Somali Ostrich is found in Southern Ethiopia, Northeast Kenya and Somali. The neck and thighs are grey-blue, and during the mating season, the male's neck and thighs become brighter and bluer. The females are more brown than those of other subspecies It generally.  lives in pairs or alone, rather than in flocks. Its range overlaps with S. c. massaicus in northeastern Kenya.
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