Thursday, 18 February 2016

The amazing bio diverstity of the Klein Karoo

Did you know the Klein Karoo has 4500 species of plant that occur now where else on the planet?
It has 3 internationally recognised biodiversity hotspots and to aquire recognition for a biodiversity hotspot you need at least 1500 endemic species.
The hotspots are
1 Valley thicket - shrubs,trees and climbers. This is an important corridor for wildlife, its food and has a large population of invertebrates.
2. Succulent Karoo, pretty much what you see when driving around the Klein Karoo. The "fat" plants on the side of the road you see. There are over 6000 plant species spread into the Northern Cape and Namibia. Around half are endemic to South Africa
3. Fynbos - higher up the mountains these fine leafed shrubs and restio reeds are amongst the most threatened plant species in South Africa
source, sa venues

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